Mushroom Group

Mushroom Image-3-s

The purpose/function of the Mushroom Group is to:

  1. share our experience of mushroom growing so those with less experience can benefit from the knowledge of those who are more experienced.
  2. share resources and equipment
  3. buy supplies/equipment in bulk to reduce postage
  4. encourage more people to grow their own mushrooms.
  5. Arrange swaps of mycelium with other groups and individuals.

Suggested projects/activities for the group are:

  1. propagate shiitake mycelium and grain spawn to inoculate logs. We will have access to some oak logs from a tree which is being lopped this week so this can be one our first projects.
  2. experiment with liquid cultures
  3. develop a mycelium bank
  4. develop a spore print bank
  5. experiment with growing from spores
  6. establish a mushroom garden at the Dairy Flat Rd City Farm site
  7. organise mushroom propagation courses and workshops.

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