Learning Pathway Design Collaboration

Are you someone passionate about design for sustainability and regeneration?

Would you like to:

  • Design an inspirational learning station in a Permaculture Pathway at the Canberra City Farm Education Centre, Dairy Road Fyshwick
  • Co-create an inspiring future vision in Canberra for a national learning institution on healthy thriving living – a Questacon for Food and Living in balance and harmony with nature
  • Make a place that is great to be in

Canberra City Farm invites designers and creative citizens to participate in this collaboration and submit a proposal.

Entries close 10 March 2019.

The aim is to design and build a learning pathway at Canberra City Farm of 14 stations that experientially explain and embody each of the 12 Permaculture Design Principles below, along with one Permaculture introduction installation and one concluding Permaculture next steps installation.

  1. Permaculture introduction
  2. Observe and interact
  3. Catch and store energy
  4. Obtain a yield
  5. Apply self-regulation and accept feedback
  6. Use and value renewable resources and services
  7. Produce no waste
  8. Design from patterns to details
  9. Integrate rather than segregate
  10. Use small and slow solutions
  11. Use and value diversity
  12. Use edges and value the marginal
  13. Creatively use and respond to change
  14. Permaculture next steps

Each team or participant can design and create one or a number of these learning stations.

Your installation can include your name and collaborators discretely.


  • Jan 2019        Collaboration Launch
  • 10 Feb 2019        Question period closes
  • 10 March 2019    Final date for receiving entries
  • April 2019        Announcement of 12 participant designers and makers
  • June 2019        Commencement of installations and collaboration
  • November 2019    Public opening of all learning pathways and installations

Questions and responses

All questions and enquiries are to be completed in writing to canberracityfarm@gmail.com by 10 Feb 2019.

Submission documents and objects

All entries must submit

Submissions could include two and three dimensional projections of the design supported by written material. The types and number of drawings and images submitted is at the discretion of the entrant. The submission has to fully explain the proposed design within its context.

On the bottom right hand corner of each A1 sheet, the following information is to be included:

  • Name/s of entrant
  • The number and title of the permaculture principle to be represented
  • Name of team representative (if different from above)
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Name of organisation

Any submissions with company logos or identifiers will not be accepted.

Submission of entries

Deliver entries no later than 5.00pm on Friday 10 March 2019 to 2 Dairy Road, Fyshwick. Please contact canberracityfarm@gmail.com to confirm a dropoff time.


The jury consists of the Canberra City Farm Committee members.


Collaboration material will become the property of the Canberra City Farm. It will be physically or electronically archived and may be publicly exhibited.

The intellectual property remains with the entrant.


Canberra City Farm will take reasonable care of the Collaboration material but will hold no liability for material damaged during  transit or while in possession.


Collaboration material with not be returned to entrants. Entrants should retain copies of material submitted.

Exhibition and publication

Canberra City Farm may publish submitted Collaboration material in whole or part and exhibit submitted material in the ACT, other Australian States or overseas.


Entrants will retain the copyright and moral rights of attribution and integrity of their designs, and will grant Canberra City Farm exclusive and irrevocable licence to use the design for the purpose for which it was created. We encourage entrants to use a Creative Commons licence.

Post collaboration services

This is a design ideas collaboration and successful entrants will design and implement their installation at the Canberra City Farm Education Centre at Dairy Road, in collaboration with the 13 other entrants and the Canberra City Farm Committee.