Become a Dairy Road Education Centre Enterprise

Are you interested in getting involved with the Canberra City Farm Dairy Road Education Centre?

Would you like to kick-off a new enterprise?

The key to building a sustainable operation at the Dairy Road site is to reduce the dependence upon volunteer time and resources (which can be stretched only so far), with a stronger focus on Enterprises that will be capable of generating income to support the operation of the site as well as funding other functions within Canberra City Farm.

The benefits for individuals initiating an Enterprise as part of the Canberra City Farm are:

  • You get access to land and equipment at a reduced cost.
  • You have the ability to apply for grants and other funding as part of a not-for-profit community organisation.
  • You get access to complementary resources and skills at little to no cost. For example, Canberra City Farm marketing will promote all Enterprises, joint insurance will be sourced for all Enterprises where possible, volunteers can support different Enterprises, etc.

Download the Expression of Interest Form – Word version

Download the Expression of Interest Form – PDF

Download the Canberra City Farm Dairy Road Education Centre Business Plan

Download the draft Master Plan

To find out more about the Enterprises currently operating at Canberra City Farm, see:

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