Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture is a system that directly connects local farmers with local consumers. As a customer, you purchase a share of a farmer’s produce ahead of time and then receive your fruits and vegetables as they are harvested. It’s a network or association of individuals who have agreed to support one or more local farms. Both growers and customers share the risks and benefits of food production. We come to value each other as people and not as economic units.

Canberra City Farm have teamed up with the Southern Harvest Association to create the new Canberra City Farm — Community Supported Agriculture (CCF-CSA). The CCF-CSA’s goal will be to have (six) fortnightly food boxes of fresh seasonal local produce for $350. Each quarter of the year, you will have the opportunity to sign up for the next quarter’s food boxes and have input to assist with future planning of the project (surveys, etc.). Check out the map of the Southern Harvest Association region. We will also be planning one farm visit per quarter.

The SHA will coordinate with farmers, assemble the food boxes, and deliver the boxes to the Canberra City Farm site at Dairy Flat Road. The CCF-CSA volunteers will distribute the boxes from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. fortnightly on Wednesday’s. Boxes not collected by close of pick-up will be donated (organisations to be determined), due to lack of storage facilities.

Cost of the CCF-CSA is $350 for one year:

  • $300 goes directly to the farmer. Farmers will provide six $50 fortnightly food boxes of fresh seasonal produce.
  • $40 goes to the Southern Harvest Association coordinator.
  • $10 is a facilitation fee to Canberra City Farm.

Contents of food boxes will vary due to seasonal availability of produce (this picture is a sample food box).

Please e-mail to find out how to join the CCF-CSA.

Note: The Canberra City Farm Food Box Initiative has been adapted into a more traditional Community Supported Agriculture model to streamline the logistics, organisation and marketing, and reduce the number of “moving parts”.

CCF-Food box sample

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