Canberra City Farm Enterprises

The key to building a sustainable operation at the Canberra City Farm, Dairy Road site, is to reduce the dependence upon volunteer time and resources (which can be stretched only so far), and have a stronger focus on Enterprises that will be capable of generating income to support the operation of the site as well as funding other functions within Canberra City Farm.

The following Enterprises are currently established at Canberra City Farm and we look forward to more getting involved.

If you would like to start an Enterprise at Canberra City Farm, find out more about becoming an enterprise

Global Worming:
Cid and his team have now been at the Farm for some time, worm composting waste from across the ACT. Cid also produces worm wee garden fertiliser that you can purchase from Canberra City Farm: 1 litre = $9.00. Purchase worm wee
Homegrown Me Kitchen:
Homegrown Me Pop Up Kitchen at Canberra City Farm is a fully accredited and affordable commercial kitchen for food start ups and businesses. If you're looking to start your food business dream and want to know more about how the Kitchen works or when it is available, visit:
Department of Broccoli:
Katie and Evan have started the first market garden at the Canberra City Farm. They will be growing garlic, greens, indigenous produce and at some point broccoli! They are also very new to growing food at a larger scale, so we look forward to supporting them with their new adventure and learning lots from them too. To find out more visit:

Heritage Chickens Canberra:
We now have chooks at Canberra City Farm! This is very exciting, as Heritage Chickens will be housing, raising and breeding a variety of heritage breed chickens onsite, providing fertile eggs from heritage breeds for people who wish to ‘hatch their own’ chickens, provide fertile eggs, incubators and sound working knowledge on the successful chicken hatching for individuals, schools, organisations and groups to hatch and grow their own heritage breed chickens, and they will be providing some fertilizer back to the Canberra City Farm.

Allotment Gardens:
We have established a range of allotments for COGS-style gardening. Each of the allotments is 8m x 5m with an irrigation system, or subdivided as requested. To find out more about how to get an allotment, see: