Pop-up Gardens


Gardens Pop Up in Downer and Chifley


New food gardens have appeared in Chifley and Downer as part of an initiative by Canberra City Farm.

The food gardens are the first of many Canberra City Farm members intend to install in the next six months.

The initiative aims to reconnect residents with food production.

At the launch of the pop-up garden in Chifley, Canberra City Farm Vice President Mark Spain said “Canberra already has a great culture of local food.

“We hope the pop-up gardens inspire more Canberra residents to consider growing some of their own food at home.

“These pop-up gardens are particularly suitable for Canberra’s dry climate as the design reduces the waste of water through evaporation and only need to be topped up with water once per week.”

“The wicking beds show how easy food can be grown even in a small space like an apartment balcony.”

Wicking beds are a form of planter box that contain a water reservoir allowing the plants to draw moisture from below.

The pop-up gardens are located at A Bite to Eat in Chifley and outside the SEE-Change office at the Downer Community Centre. These projects have been created in collaboration with businesses and local community organisations.

Canberra City Farm will be demonstrating wicking bed construction and other urban farming techniques at Floriade 2014.


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