About Canberra City Farm

CCF-logoCanberra City Farm is a not-for-profit group incorporated in April 2012. Since 2013 Canberra City Farm has been collaborating with other like-minded organisations under the banner of Urban Agriculture Australia.

Our Committee

  • Keith Colls – President and Propagation/Gardening, and Public Officer.
  • Jodie Pipkorn – Vice President and Communications/Odd Jobs.
  • Danny O’Brien – Treasurer and Construction Coordinator.
  • Carole Ayliffe – Secretary.
  • Linda Ayliffe – Membership Secretary and Monday Working Bee Coordinator.
  • Walter Steensby – Ordinary Member, Allotments Manager and Integrated Pest Manager.
  • John Mills – Ordinary Member.
    • Trish McEwan – Ordinary Member and Value-Adding Group Coordinator.
    • Mark Spain – Ordinary Member and Learning Displays Coordinator.
    • James Atkins – Ordinary Member.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Sharing + Community
  • Ecological and societal sustainability
  • Intergenerational equity
  • Transparency + open communication
  • Collaboration + inclusiveness
  • Healthy food for all
  • Food sovereignty

Our Vision

Canberra regional community living in harmony with a viable and healthy local environment.

Our Purpose

To develop hubs where we creatively share knowledge and experience of living in harmony with a viable and healthy local environment through:

  • Engaging and linking with the community
  • Strengthening existing activities and groups
  • Nurturing healthy soil to grow healthy food
  • Demonstrating options for sustainable living
  • Providing opportunities for learning by doing
  • Fostering caring communities

Our Achievements

Since September 2011 when we held the first Canberra City Farm workshop, we have achieved the following:

  • promoted in local newspapers and on stalls at different events – started in August 2011 and ongoing
  • built a diverse community of inspiring individuals and groups seeking to make a positive contribution to our future – started in September 2011 and ongoing
  • established a collaboration website – October 2011
  • established a regular monthly newsletter with over 500 recipients – started in October 2011 and ongoing
  • undertaken extensive investigation of site options – started in November 2011
  • developed an engaging set of promotional materials – started in October 2011 and ongoing
  • presented to a large range of community groups and businesses – started in November 2011 and ongoing
  • developed strong linkages including endorsements from many groups – started in November 2011 and ongoing
  • commenced planning for potential activities – started in January 2012 and ongoing
  • developed and agreed a shared vision, purpose and set of core values – April 2012
  • became incorporated – April 2012
  • formulated a business plan and budget to support our ongoing engagement with the ACT government – first delivered in April 2012 and ongoing
  • managed a stall at festivals and raised money for our projects – started in March 2013 and ongoing
  • delivered a range of workshops on different topics to inform and support people to take action – started in March 2013 and ongoing
  • engaged with Government Agencies and various farmers – started in July 2013 and ongoing
  • collaborated with a range of groups to create Urban Agriculture Australia and a display at Floriade – September 2013 and 2014
  • acquired a site in Turner for two years to establish the Canberra City Farm Turner Garden – October 2014
  • acquired a site in Fyshwick for 10 years to establish the Canberra City Farm Dairy Road Education Centre – December 2015

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