Growing Ideas for Urban Spaces

Our goal is to encourage people to try to grow some of their own vegetables and fruit, which makes for a richer lifestyle – healthy food, money in your pocket, time spent with nature and hopefully teaching you, your kids and others how to grow a tomato.

We believe in lazy gardening, that changing our food and energy systems is easy, and that our city’s should encourage our people to be resilient, make positive change and support a thriving Local Food Economy.

To find out more about how you can become a lazy gardener and get involved with your local food economy, see our information and get involved pages, or why not come along to one of our upcoming workshops or events?

Ways to get started

Purchase a local Food Box
– this local produce is from the region and will connect you directly to local farmers.

Purchase from the Canberra City Farm online store
– these products have either been grown and made at the Canberra City Farm, or produced locally in the area.

Start your own garden
– use the information on this website to support you in getting started on creating your own patch of urban agriculture.

Ways to get involved

how-to-get-involved-widgetJoin us at the Canberra City Farm Education Centre
– you can come along to a regular working bee or kick-off a new enterprise...

Volunteer at one of our events
– see the Canberra City Farm volunteering page for more details about upcoming volunteering opportunities you can get involved in.

Come along to one of our events and workshops
– see the Canberra City Farm events page for more details about upcoming events and workshops. Plus ...

A big 'thank you' to our Collaborators & Sponsors


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